Unique battery powered cordless robotic pool cleaner recommended for pools up to 15 m in length that are irregularly shaped and/or have in-pool obstacles such as islands, pillars and bridges. Feature integrated Gyro. Cleans pool floor, walls and waterline.


  • Cycle time 1/1.25/1.5 hours
  • Cable with float 2.5m, Battery indicator on the float
  • Filtration dual level filtration for fine and rough dirt
  • Brushes – Combined brushes matches all pool terrains
  • Remote control set up of parameters and cleaning programs
  • Weight 13.2 Kg
  • Suction rate 17 m³ per hour
  • Motor unit voltage 24 VDC
  • Digital switch-mode charger
  • Indicators on charger. No connection, in charge & full battery
  • Caddy, included
  • Warranty 36 months on all parts, 24 months on the battery
  • Recharge time 4 – 6 hours
  • Battery must be re-charge after each cleaning cycle
  • If the cleaner is not used regularly, the battery will lose charge and need to be charged before use
  • The Liberty battery will go into hybernation mode if not used for 6 months

Liberty CB /MB

  • Warranty 36 months on all parts, 24 months on the battery

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