Introducing the Dolphin Swash CL, a proven and reliable robotic pool cleaner that takes the hard work out of cleaning pools. With the Dolphin Swash CL you can enjoy your swim, with full confidence that your pool water is pristine.


  • Cycle time 2.5 hours
  • Cable 18 m
  • Swivel on cable prevents cable tangling
  • Filtration – cartridge with net filter
  • Brushes – PVC for all pool terrains or WB for smooth surfaces
  • Weight 10 Kg
  • Suction rate 16 m³ per hour
  • Motor unit voltage 24 VDC
  • Power supply – digital switch-mode Output
  • 24 month limited warranty (for domestic use only)

Dolphin Swash CL

  • 24 Month limited Warranty (domestic use only)